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    Admin Studio Limited Edition

    rhogan Rookie

      I have read the documents on here in regards to Admin Studio, but have not seen anything that mentions the functionality I am looking for. Some time ago, I used a different product to build a .msi installer using snapshots (I wish I could recall what it was!). With that software, you installed the software on a machine (for example, your own workstation) and then there was an agent that ran on your 'clean system' that communicated with your workstation. To take a snapshot you would intiate it on the workstation and it would tell the agent running on the clean system to do the snapshot. Once you installed the software, you would again initiate the difference snapshot from the workstation. After the fact it would compare and package the msi file for you.


      From what I can tell with Admin Studio, I would need to install the software on the 'clean system' directly in order to take the snapshot. Which means, if you change your clean system you have to install it all over again. Is this the only way to do snapshots with Admin Studio (at least with the limited version), or am I missing something?


      Thanks for the help in advance,


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          philipp.orak SupportEmployee



          To answer your question in short, yes.


          However, keep in mind that packaging always requires a clean computer! You don't want all sorts of things to interfere with your. I would also recommend using a virtual computer instead of a physical one (if you are not already doing this). Virtual computers make your life so much easier.



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            Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

            I dont know if Virtual computers in general do make our lives so much easier... But in this case snapshots of your virtual machines are indeed a huge must-have.



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              rhogan Rookie

              I do have VMWare Workstation available and can use a virtual machine to handle this. I guess I was expecting it to work in a different manner due to past experiences. It seemed odd that you would need to load the software within your clean environment, especially considering it is designed to handle other things as well (like the Tuner).


              Thanks for the help!


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                rhogan Rookie

                In case others search for this same topic, I am posting more details on what I have found:


                After installing the entire Admin Studio on the clean machine, and beginning the Repackage Wizard, it mentioned running the Repackage Wizard remotely and referred me to the help document for Admin Studio. As it turns out, you do not need to install the entire admin studio software to your clean machine because they have a remote packager you can install instead. Granted, either way you need to install software, but the remote packager is much smaller and this is their recommended method of doing the capture. For anyone looking for information on this, search for 'Repackaging Wizard Best Practices' in the Admin Studio help document for details on how to configure it. Dont worry, its quite easy to setup!


                Since I had already installed the entire Admin Studio product, I was very thankful that I had taken a snapshot of the VM


                Hope this helps someone else out there!