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    Getting an Error when an EXE is Run via Policy-based Delivery



      When this executable is run manually on the device it works fine. When a Policy-based Delivery is manually initiated, it works fine. The problem occurs when the LocalSch.exe service calls AMClient.exe to run that executable, we get the following error.






      The task that is set up in the local scheduler service runs the following command:



      C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\AMClient.exe /apm /bw=ANY /silent



      It seems that the user-rights should not be an issue, as we are able to run it manually on the computer or through a manually initiated Policy-based Delivery and I'm pretty sure that LANDesk runs task via the SYSTEM account. That being said, I'm at a loss at what else could be causing this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.