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    Database interface for basic claims data

    dgoldbecker Rookie

      Hello community,


      is there a way via an interface to specific data from LANDesk Service Desk to access for example the customers table information

      per time control to another external system?


      And gives a technical documentation for a possibilty interface?


      Many thanks in advance.



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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup



          I'm not fully following your English here so please forgive me if I'm mis-reading your requirements.


          Customer information is held in the Sevice Desk database principally in the tps_group, tps_company and tps_customer tables,  these tables will probably have other related objects in them too (so in these tables you'll have a attribute containing a guid which points to another table) that you would want to extract in string form etc so you'd be looking at joining to other tables as well  It's not easy to be specific beyond that.


          If you have access to the database then anything from a vbscript upwards should be able to access the db via an ado.net or odbc sql connection and extract the required information via a sql query.