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    What distirbution method should I be using for a BIOS update?


      Thanks for reviewing.  I've not yet performed a reoccurring Scheduled Task.


      I have a BIOS update to apply.  I've created a query that will find all workstations of the correct model and are on an older BIOS version.  I've applied this query to my Software Distribution package as a prerequisite.


      I've created a scheduled task.  Delivery type is Policy-supported push.  Delivery Method is Standard policy-supported push distribution.  Target devices is the same query from above, which will return all machines that have an older BIOS.  Schedule is set to Repeat every week.


      Note that I did not build a reboot into this task, but our users are expected to reboot daily and I don't see it as an issue.


      Does anyone see a problem with this deployment?  I'm expecting that after a BIOS update has been applied, the workstation will no longer fall within the query and therefore it won't run against it any longer.