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    Error when trying to complete action "back from customer"


      We have an aged ticket on our system that's currently in Status: With Customer.


      We cannot resolve it in that status and the only available action is "Back From Customer".  When we select this and type anything in the dialog box that opens and save it we get the following error:


      Escalation point error: Attempt to start the clock on an object of class type Incident. You cannot start the clock unless it has previously been stopped.


      This will continue to happen unless we cancel the update.


      Can anyone assist please?





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          elizabethcombrink Employee

          Hi Paul, It sounds like your process has been updated after this ticket was put into the status With Customer. 


          The reason why you are getting the error is because your process will have an automatic action called Start the Clock after Manual action Back from Customer.


          The only way out is to change the process temporarily so you have a route to another status that does not include the automatic action called Start the Clock.


          I suggest you create the route from With Customer to Resolve action, activate the process again, deal with this ticket,and then delete the route again.


          Obviously - test this in your test enviroment so you're comfortable doing it in production.