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    patch deployment options


      is it posssible to have landesk deploy patches and have the user delay the installation of the patches?  so we want to deploy a bunch of windows updates, but want the user to install them at their convenience, however, they will be given 30 days to have the updates installed.  if they wait longer, the updates will install without any intervention from the user.


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          As far as I know, there's no way to do this in one operation out of the box.

          However, with a bit of configuration and a couple of jobs, it should be possible.


          The first job should use a Scan and Repair setting where you have configured the "Repair options" page.

          Set the "Before repairing..." drop down to "Notify user, also allow defer or cancel".

          This will allow the user to install patches at their convenience.

          The job should be run at regular intervals (e.g. a policy with required periodic daily/weekly or a push with rerun every day/week) to remind the user.


          The 30 days enforcement will require another job.

          I would consider running a policy periodic monthly to install the patches with a Scan and Repairs setting with a "Repair options" of "Immediatly begin" (which is default).



          I couldn't think of another way to do excactly what you say, but I have some other options I would suggest:

          Have a look at the "Repair options" again.

          From there you can set the patching to wait for a screen saver or a locker screen.

          Combined with a job that wakes up computers during non-business hours you should be able to roll out the patches without bothering your users


          Also, most of my customer actually installs patches in the background even with user's logged in.

          It's usually the reboot we kindly ask (or nag) or users to perform, not the installation.

          This could potensially in some very rare cases cause problems - but I still havn't heard any issues so it is pretty safe.