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    Trick to modify html fields for add reminders and add assignments


      HI All


      Discovered a nice little trick to help modify and edit html enabled descriptions/bodies of add reminders and add assignments.


      The challenge for me has always been that html enabled add reminders and add assignments look nice but you can't modify them within process designer unless you turn off the html field.  Then you are looking at html code.  Compounding the issue, you have to pause the process in order to edit optional actions. 


      The trick I discovered is to create a query that finds the add reminder and assignments and then put that query on webaccess so can see the html and then be able to modify the html code.  My consultant had originally created the query when we went live with 7.4 but only had it on the console.  But looking at it on the console was confusing because you can only see the html code.  However, by adding it to the webaccess, you can see the html and still be able to click on it and then update the html code.


      So far we have found it to be a tremendous time saver and resolved one of the major issues with have had with service desk.


      See attached for an example of how to build the query.