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    Query call another query ?



      I have 2 sets of queries

      The first set is used to determine what devices - Query A

           Where "computer", "Device Name" LIKE "FRED"


      The second set is used to determine if an application / patch needs installing - Query B

           where "computer software", "Add or remove programs", "program", "Name" = Microsoft....."

      (in this case, for Office 2010, we have 7 possible options)


      Is there anyway I can create a new query that would be

      If device is in Query A and Query B ?


      or failing that, let me copy say Query A to Query C, and then edit Query C and say take whatever the results of this query are and compare against Query B



           Where "Computer", "Device Name" LIKE "FRED"

           and device in Query B



      As you can imagine, I do not fancy copying Query A 50 times and then adding all the lines from Query B, nor copying Query B 50 times and adding all the lines from Query A (some sites are easy - single lines, but our busier sites maybe upto 12 lines)

      Combing would make it a lot easier and quicker to deal with


      Many thanks