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    Free Mobility tool?

    mlambert Apprentice

      Hey All -

      Does anyone know if the free Mobility Managment tool is still supported?  The download listed under LDMS v9 SP2 is still active but it isn't clear whether it will work with SP3.  There are new mobility patches out there but it's ambiguous as to whether they apply to the free version or the full MDM tool. 


      We are looking for something to help us with reporting on our mobile devices connected to Exchange and the free version seemed like a possible solution.  If the free version is no longer supported, does anyone have any suggestions for free or low-cost tools to facilitate easy reporting?




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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          You should install the latest version. Without specific activation credentials for full Mobility management you will have the same options as the plain old free tool of SP2.



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            Tracy Expert



            (if for some reason you don't go Franks suggested route... I think I might actually try that)


            I still use LDMobility 1.1 go gather mobile inventory from exchange. That is all I want/need it for so it doesn't make sense for us  to pay $$$ for a solution that we aren't going to use any of the features.


            Basically I just have another core server just for the mobility data, which I then import into ALM. I can't remember if SP3 breaks mobility, or if it's a post SP3 patch. The bottom line is, you can't apply the latest LD patches from LANDesk or mobility WILL BREAK. If you are only using it for gathering device info (like I am), and not using it for any other functionality (like wipe), then just build s dedicated core for it and leave it unpatched.


            Good Luck



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              mlambert Apprentice

              Thanks Guys,

              I was able to setup a test SP2 core with Mobility v1.1 and successfully patched it to LDMS v9 SP3 and to LDMO 9.0.3. 


              I did run into the problem described in http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-26628 and the suggested fix didn't seem to work.


              However, it ended up not mattering for us because when we pulled the mobile inventory from exchange, we found that it lacked some of the important attributes that we were already getting with our powershell scripts (i.e. UserAgent, etc). 


              FWIW, if this had fit our needs better, I had planned to do something similar to what Tracy suggested and setup a separate core just for mobility. 


              Regardless, i appreciate the quick responses!