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    Creating a Knowledgebase.


      Having seen a very similar request I have also been tasked with building a knowledge base & looking for advice/best practice on getting this off the ground in the best manner?

      We are using (Core & Active Knowledge.)
      We have 3 key sets of 'users'- 1 of which is our end users/customers. The other 2 are different Support levels basically so internal usage only.
      For now I am only concerned with our Internal users, our analysts in the 2 different tiered groups & any Articles for our external End Users/Customers will come much later.


      Having seen the questions asked of the previous poster I've used those to paint you a picture of what we know at this stage:


      Who do you want to be able to access the knowledge?
      - Analysts only at this stage.

      How do you want your user community to access the knowledge once it has been created?
      - Knowledge Search


      Where does the knowledge come from in the first place?
      - Analysts & their t/shooting experience(s).


      How will the content be structured?
      - Articles only. No Documents or Resolutions. Articles will also be utilising attachments also for screenshots & the like. We may well implement expiring articles although I imagine this would be a rarely used feature.


      Will anyone be reviewing the knowledge before it is included in the knowledge base?
      - For the most part the articles will be Internal use only & only applicable to 2 of the 3 teams. Articles intended for internal use only will not be requiring approving. In the future our next step will be to share certain individual articles with our 3rd Knowledge Domain our End Users/Customers.


      I assume we create 3 Knowledge Domains; the 2 internal teams & the external End Users/Customers domain?
      Within those KD's we would create articles & at first glance I'm assuming we would use 'Type' to differentiate articles for say example different applications?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          Yep you've got it exactly.  We have 2 domains - Analyst & End User with only 2 types General Knowledge and FAQs.


          Just remember that you need to make the "domain" available to each group (select the group in User Management screen in Administration and then Manage Knowledge Domains appears in the actions).  Not sure if this was amended in 7.5 to allow association to a role, I know in 7.4 I had to go through every group and add the domains on manually, which was a bit of a pain!!



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            Thanks for confirming I am heading in the right directino, much appreciated.