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    Query result from Incident search query in Console other than in WebAccess

    MarcelloCentineo Specialist



      Did already someone noticed that query results from a prompt query like Incident and/or CI search in 7.5 SP1 will be different in Console other than in WebAccess?


      E.g. for a CI search query in my database:


      CI Type contains "Workstation"

      Device status is equal to "3" (it's an Int16 attribute)

      IP-Address contains "10.24"

      Address contains "Downshire"


      ...will return 588 results in Console! (which is wrong)


      The same query will return 48 results in WebAccess. (which is correct)


      Did already someone see this behaviour in 7.5 SP1?


      On all my customer database which I upgraded to 7.5 SP1 the Incident search query will have this (wrong) behaviour.