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    Process Approver URL is not interpreted

    ChrisLeung Apprentice

      I follow the Process Approver document to setup the url for accessing the ticket in notification directly.




      I setup the url in System->Process Approver as below:

      Enter the Web Access Process Approver URL :



      Enable Web Access Process Approver URL : True



      Then in my reminder i put : {$ApplicationSetting.ProcessApprover.WebAccessApproverURL$}  in the body text.


      However in the notification the url is shown exactly the same as what i configured in System, ie. :



      I tried to put the statement "http://LANDESKSD75/ServiceDesk.WebAccess/object/open.rails?class_name={Class/Module/Name}.{Class/Name}&key={Guid}" directly in the remind detail box and it will turn out as




      So it seems the placeholder is correct, the parameter  {$ApplicationSetting.ProcessApprover.WebAccessApproverURL$} works, but somehow it does not get interpreted when the reminder is saved. 


      Does anyone know what's wrong with it?