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    Auto Email to a group of users

    ChrisLeung Apprentice

      We would like to notify a group of users when an incident is saved.  That group of recipients are defined by the raise user and will be different for every incident.


      I believe the simpliest way to do that will be adding a text box in the incident for user to inputting the target users' email address (separate by ';') and then in the reminder i create recipient for each of the address in that field.


      However i found that there is no way to enter the recipient's email in the Reminder object when it's created in automatic action.  Does anyone has other ideas?

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          elizabethcombrink Expert

          mmm tricky one.


          I believe that a reminder can only be sent to a user, a customer, or group - non of which are dynamic


          How do you determine who the set of users is that needs to be emailed? - Is it a defined number or different number for each person

          You can send a different reminder to each person in the set.


          Would the CC Recipient functionality be of any use? I've not used it myself yet, but I believe it allows you to add additional users to an incident / change/ problem and then they also get all emails that go to the Raise User.

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            ChrisLeung Apprentice

            hi Elizabeth, i saw there is a "Add Recipient" action to the reminder if it's created manually and therefore thinking that i can do something there.

            i tried to manually add a reminder, save it and then add several recipients with "OtherEmailAddress" type and my adhoc recipient email address.  When the reminder is sent by clicking the "Send Message" action, all the adhoc recipients can recieve the message correctly.


            I would like to automate this process, but still evaluating it's feasibility..

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              ADD CC will work just fine as long as you teach people how to remove the email address if they want to stop all updates to the incident also being mailed to this group.  The add 'other email address' action  I think is special and you may find is not accessible from process designer.


              The product could really do with allowing add reminder to have an external email address and corresponding check box 'notify external'.  I'm sure you will find an ER for that or if there isn't, I bet there will be lots of votes for it.


              For a similar requirement for one of our customers I completely replaced the email notification system with event manager requests which were picked up by an external customer supplied facility that sent the email.  It took a decent amount of design and calculation effort to achieve this and match the functionality of the standard Add Reminder, but it was the only way I could find to allow a reminder to be sent automatically to process controlled/arbitrary email addresses.  Not for the faint hearted.


              For webacess users you could teach them about the mail icon and get them to send a link to the incident once saved to the people they want?  Wouldn't work for self service though.

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                ChrisLeung Apprentice

                my final solution to my question is to create a text box in the self service incident window and instruct our users to enter the cc email list there manually.  Those email address are expected to be separated by ";" and once the incident is saved a DB trigger will be fired and add those email to the CC Recipeint list automatically.


                After that it will use the CC Recipeint function to perform the notification.

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                  neat - sell it to LANDesk!