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    WINPE - Windows AIK



      I'm finally getting around to fleshing out the OSD portion of our LANDesk implementation.  After requesting winpe from our Microsoft rep, I was informed that PE is no longer offered, and that AIK is openly available. 



      So, I have a couple of questions.  First, does AIK work for validating WINPE or do I have to "find" PE?  Second, does anyone know if AIK going to be added soon?



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          http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1121 This Doc talks about the PE validation, it also mentions that you can obtain the 2005 Winpe licenses from your sales rep or LANDesk sales...



          If you do not have the 2005 WinPE CD, you will need to speak with your LANDesk sales representative or reseller to obtain licenses for WindowsPE. Once the

          necessary PE licenses have been purchased, the core has beenre-activated and the core is showing the licenses in Configure >Product Licensing, you will be able to create new PE configurations for OSD tasks.



          I have not looked at the AIK but it appears to be Vista Centric... I will have a look and let you know if it can be used to validate...



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            After looking at it, I dont see any way for you to use the AIK to activate PE..

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              I found a method to create a bootable WinPE CD that may be used to validate the WinPE envrionment for OSD.  Part of my internal documentation follows:


              If you have not validated your OSD environment, you will have received the following error:  Before you use OS Deployment, please supply the legal license first.  To fix this error, validate the DOS and WinPE environments, using the following information.


              While you can purchase Windows PE licenses from LANDesk and activate them through the Core Server license Activation process, there is no need to purchase WinPE—it is freely available from Microsoft.  Validation may be accomplished using Microsoft media likely licensed and held on site.  The validation process simply needs to validate credentials and files from this media. 


              If you have already obtained Win PE, proceed to Validating the OSD Environment, else read on.


              Obtaining Windows PE:


              Windows PE, a full-featured lightweight operating system is designed to be a replacement for the older DOS methodology of booting PCs, either locally or from the network.  It also allows access to the NTFS partitions, which DOS was unable to provide.  Using a Vista kernel, it is usable for deploying nearly any operating system image, including Vista, Windows XP, Server 2003/8, Linux, and Unix.  The current version is WinPE 2.0, which handles up to Vista SP1 and Server 2008.


              Early documentation indicated that you had to obtain a copy of WinPE from Microsoft’s sale channels or buy licenses from LANDesk.  WinPE is, however, now free and publicly downloadable from Microsoft as a part of the Microsoft Windows Automated Install Toolkit (WAIK).   LANDesk also sells concurrent usage licenses of WinPE (LANDesk PE Toolkit) for a low fee (and which requires activation via the Core Server)—such purchase is not necessary due to the accessibility of the other validation methods shown above.  By validating WinPE as already shown, you have unlimited licensing for its use.


              To get to WinPE, you will first have to download and install the latest WAIK.


              Creating a Windows PE CD:



              This is the CD you will use in the following section's validation steps.  You can also create a bootable WinPE USB drive.  Be sure to remember that the boot sequence in the PC BIOS must be sequenced to boot from CD or USB prior to the internal hard drive. 


              Validating the OSD Environment:


              Several steps are required to validate the OSD imaging environments.  In sequence, follow these steps:


              Obtain and have ready the following install CDs (or images copied to an accessible  network share):


                • Windows NT Server 4

                • Windows 98 Workstation

                • Windows Server 2003 SP1 Disk1

                • Windows PE 2005 or 2.0


              • Assuming you have the above four CDs or access to them on a server share, log on to the LANDesk Console on the server (remotely is ok, but not via a user console) and go to Configure> Services> OSD Deployment.  Click on the button labeled OSD Validation, then select Validate Now.  You will have to validate both the DOS and WinPE environments.

              • For DOS Validation, click on DOS Validation and browse to NT Server CD:\Clients\MSClient\Disks and click Ok.  Follow that by browsing to Win98 CD:\Win98 and click Ok.  The DOS environment should now indicate 'Validated'

              • For WinPE Validation, click on WinPE Validation and browse to Win Server2003 SP1 CD:\I386  and click Ok.  Then browse to WinPE CD:\ and click Ok.  The WinPE environment should now indicate “Validated”

              • Set the default pre-boot environment from the pull-down list to your choice of Linux, DOS, or WinPE (WinPE is the likely choice).


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                Hi Rick,


                I am currently working on a LANDesk OSD Deployment  project and so will need to validate the Windows PE Environment .I have installed the WAIK , extracted the WinPE.cab and thus further extracted the WIM files into the  F1_WINPE folder. When I tried to validate the OSD by browsing to that extracted  folder via the Configure\Services within the LANDesk Management Suite, it consistently fails to validate


                If you refer to the two attached snapshots of all our  LANDesk  product licensing, you will notice ,  nothing is really amiss,so we really are left a bit mystifed, as regards the remediation of the LANDesk OSD validation process.


                Essentially, we need to locate  a Windows PE 2005 Install CD, and as all of our previous extraction attempts have failed, we would appreciate,

                some sort of guide line as to


                a) produce a Windows PE 2005 Install PE  CD

                b) request a Windows PE 2005 Install PE CD from LANDesk , that would be covered by our current Licensing agreements


                Note:The only thing  that we haven't done is burn a CD


                I look forward to hearing from you


                My email is [email protected]




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                  Hi Paul.

                  I believe the previous post talks about the process of using the WAIK to create a WinPE 2.0 CD and successfully activate your WINpe in LANDesk, I have not done this so cannot comment on this process or if it in fact works. I believe you can contact LANDesk to get a CD as mentioned as well. You may want to consider giving LANDesk Support a call on this one.

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                    The WinPE licenses are like 3 dollars a node.  You only need as many nodes are you are going to be imaging concurrently.  Most people are fine with 5 or 10 nodes. 


                    You can buy them with a credit card over the phone with your sales rep. 


                    Sounds like 20 bucks vs hours of work might be the way to go here.

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                      Thanks Rick  for your advice on this

                      Will do



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                        Just FYI:  Three other agencies I know of used the instructions I posted above with no problem and fully activated the core.  It took a total of 10 minutes, start to finish.

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                          Hi all, I can confirm that these steps work.  Thank you for providing the details!

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                            THogland Apprentice

                            Is Server 2003 SP1 required for this, or does SP2 work as well? I've made the WinPE CD from the AIK and mounted it on the core (Z:), then mounted our 2003 SP2 CD, but neither will validate.


                            This is on 8.7 SP2... If this is specific to 8.8 then I'll try it Friday - that's my day to do our upgrade :-)


                            Message was edited by: THogland Never mind - rummaging through support I've managed to find that WinPE 2.0 won't validate unless you're using SP3 or higher. I'll validate this Friday...