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    Modifying collections data

    NickBrown Apprentice



      I tell myself this should be something simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. The screenshot will give the best description. I have taken over a project where our security officers are using Landesk for their own incident tracking. In the process they assign one primary officer, and depending on the situation additional officers when needed.


      As you can see in the screenshot, the Lasted Updated by is me, but it's also the Assigned To is listed as me where it's actually not, it's assigned to someone else. How do I fix this?





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          aparker Employee

          Hi Nick,


          We're probably going to need to see a screen shot of both the main process and the task process that is being used along with the window that is displayed when the task is created.



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            Just a quick though although post up the screenshots that Andy has asked for.  I had a query for Request Tasks where one of the attributes was Assigned To, the thing was this pulled back who the Task was originally assigned to when it was created, I had to put the attribute CurrentAssignment.User on and this then showed the correct Analyst.



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              aparker Employee

              Good point Helen

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                NickBrown Apprentice

                This is fixed. Sorry I ignored the issue with being in the process because I knew that wasn't the problem. The problem mostly was with the fact that I had to take this over half developed (a developers bad dream...).


                However, to fix it this is what I had to do. I had to track down the query that was linked with the collection. After doing that here is what made it tricky. I had to remove all the attributes from the query. Save it. Do an IISreset on the server. Open the query back up, add the attributes I wanted, and do another IISreset and they showed up as intended in the web client.


                Now, the question is, why does the task tab look different in the console than it does in the web client? We are using version 7.4 (upgrading to 7.5 SP1 this month). The good news is it only needs to work in the web client, so that worked out.


                Nonetheless, these little "quirks" with this application such as having to remove the attributes, save/IISreset, and then readd the attributes gets overwhelming sometimes.


                Thanks for the attempted help all.