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    "Download Updates" not downloading updates (grin)

    Stephen Burke Apprentice

      I am seeing an issue where OS X updates are not being downloaded. I am using the SP3 Mac agent (not the post SP3 update) on the systems I am testing. I have had the following results on 3 Macs...


      Mac OS X 10.6 - Vulnerability detected - update 10.6.8 downloaded and I was able to patch the machine


      Mac OS X Server 10.7.4 - Vulnerability detected - update MacOSXServerUpd10.7.5-10.7.5 does not download

      patch properties shows 2 entries... MacOSXServerUPD10.7.5-10.7.5 (downloaded) N/A (size) none & OS X Lion Update 10.7.5 Server (downloaded) No (size) 1276.1MB


      Mac OS X 10.8 - Vulnerability detected - update OSXUpdCombo 10.8.2-10.8.2 does not download

      patch properties shows 1 entry... OSXUpdCombo10.8.2-10.8.2 (downloaded) N/A (size) none



      I have even deleted ALL Mac related patches from my patch directory. When downloading updates everything is downloaded (firefox, adobe, etc) for OS X, EXCEPT the OS updates.


      hmmmm.. Just noticed that iTunes 10.7 did not download either. Now I am thinking that for 10.6 I may have right-clicked "download associated patches"....


      Am I missing something here? Am I seeing a "anything apple mac" related issue? HELP.....