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    Portal Incidents not going to desired groups

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      Hi all


      we are about to go live with our self service portal in 7.4. Our Incident process has a decision box at the start which is a decision on if the incident is email portal and if yes the call goes to our Service desk queue. We tried this in our test environment and thought it was working fine but didnt realise that all calls logged even by an analyst in the console are also assigned to the Service Desk Group.


      The way we were advised to make this work was to ensure that the Is Email portal object default value ws set to True and the object was on the end user Incident windows (this works fine for portal jobs). But when an analyst logs an incident through the console it is also is assigned to the Service desk queue.


      If I set the is email portal default value to nothing the console incidents are assigned correctly but the portal incidents are assigned to the end user group which dont exist and thus the calls are lost in the system.


      So I am stumped on how this will work correctly and any ideas would be appreciated. Hope the above makes sense




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          The test I use is to look at the user type of the user who created the process.  If this is end user then they logged it on the portal for themselves.  If this is analyst, then the analyst is logging it for them or the analyst is logging their own self service request.  Either way it's proven to be quite reliable and nicely avoids the problem you have found.  The other method is to have a process source attribute which you set with a template.  Incidents logged on the portal have a template which sets this value to be Self Service (say).  Incidents logged by an analyst in either webdesk or console have a different template which sets this value to be Telephone (say).