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    Linking articles


      As per my previous discussion I'm currently researching utilising Knowledge for our analysts. Currently we use Lotus Notes writing documents as the Article equivalent.


      I'm aware that we can export these very easily into a PDF format & import into LSD Knowledge as Documents & to that end I'm fine.


      However, within our Lotus Notes articles we use hyperlinks & document links to point to & link to related (Lotus Note) articles.

      In a lot of cases we have a 'Master' document per topic with links to other information from there.


      I'm aware that embedded screenshots & to an extent hyperlinks are possible but I'm wondering if anyone has a good suggestion as to recreating the 'Master' article(s).

      I've seen reference to Child Articles of Parent Articles but really looking for advice or suggestion from those doing similar perhaps?


      Many thanks in advance.

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          We have a similar situation with the customer. Is it possible to have links of other articles within an article in Landesk. We are not talking about relationships of business objects here, but just linking the knowledge article within any given field. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.