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    Unmanaged Devices unable to retrieve Gateway Certificate


      Hi guys


      Recently we moved the location of our LDMS Core server and the Location of our LDMG device. When we made this move we removed all devices out of the database and then redeployed the agents to all devices on the network.

      No config changes have been made to the LDMG config with the exception of the IP address changes and the adding of the new Certs to the Gateway device.


      The devices that have pulled back into inventory and are now managed by the new core are able to retrieve the Gateway certificates both by communicating directly to the Core on the network or via the Gateway Device when on an external network.


      The big problem we have at this moment is that we have a group of users currently not managed by the new core and not on the internal network or domain that needs to be managed and are only able to be accessed via the Gateway Device. None of these Users or Devices are able to retrieve the Certificates via the gateway after installing the new client on tehm and running BrokerConfig.exe.



      Currently nothing goes into the BrokerConfig.log and when running the BrokerConfig.exe and entering the details it justcomes back saying "Failed to Retrieve Certificate".

      When clicking TEST it just shows a blank window and then says failed.

      the hash.0 file is correct and the external IP address/FQDN is correct


      also if I open a browser and try to browse to either the LDMG fqdn or external IP address, I am able to logon to the gateway device. (i.e. https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/gsb) so there seems to be access.




      Can anyone assist me in trying to trouble shoot this issue.