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    VPRO Detection

    VaLr Apprentice



      I have installed LDMS 9.5 and a client with Windows Vista Business SP1 VPRO 5 Small Business (static ip). Im able to get in to the WEBUI from IE.

      Also the Password in Console is the same in client with "Use non-TLS" enabled.


      The problem is that i couldnt find the "Discover Vpro devices" in UDD options to discover it and add it into the Database.

      The Vpro menu is disabled in the device also.


      Thanks for help

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          VaLr Apprentice

          i just try with a LDMS 9.0 SP2 Console using the same client and it was successful i think there are problems with the 9.5 version. i would need some fixes

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            I'm having a simliar issue with Vpro.  I have a custom column set for Provisioning that will say 0 for off and 1 for ON.  After 9.5 upgrade I see a 2 now and I can't communicate with it.  I can't even communicate with some of the machines that have a 1 after the upgrade, and I could before. I get the same thing in your screenshot even though it says it's provisioned.  I don't get it. I have a vpro device in front of me and verified it's enabled in bios and it says Provisioning is equal to 1 and Version is 8 and when I right click on it and chose Intel Vpro Option I only have the Setup option. 


            What does 2 mean anyways? 

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              You're right, the "Discover Vpro devices" option in UDD does not exist anymore in 9.5.


              To configure vPro settings, go to Configure -> vPro Options -> General Configuration. If you set a password, then vPro will be provisioned when you install the agent. You'll be in Client Mode.

              To enable admin mode, you need to use a certificate and place it in the "ManagementSuite\amtprov\certStore\cert_1 folder" on the core.


              Hope this helps.

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                Thanks for the idea's, but we already have a password set and a cert.  I verified I could use the password by going into the vpros settings(Ctrl+p).  I did notice the Host name is blank after I unprovisioned it and reprovisioned.  I added the host name back in, but still can't communicate with device.  I reinstalled the agent as well.  We had Landesk look at our Cert Store a while back and they helped us created our Cert chain.  It was working fine as far as I can tell until we upgraded to 9.5.  Some devices still work after the upgrade, but most do not. I will need to call support and have them look at our cert chain again. 

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                  I installed Intel's Manageability Devolper toolkit and when connecting to a computer I get "Computer certificate invalid: PartialChain"  It has to be the Chain. 

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                    MrGadget Expert


                    Did you get this fixed yet?