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    XP HII Imaging Question

    MrGadget Expert

      Using LD9 SP3


      I am trying to make a XP SP3 syspreped HII image. Do I put the XP drivers in the drivers database where I have my Windows 7 drivers?


      Also do I delete the mass storage section in the Sysprep.inf file?

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          Norbert.Walter Rookie

          Sure. I've lerned it the hard way. Some modells from our HP-PCs can be deployed with the masstorage-entry and a few get a Boot-loop.

          So with your Version of LD I suggest to delete the entry.


          Greetings from


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            MrGadget Expert

            As a reply to myself so others know. After adding all the XP drivers to the drivers database we had a few burps with some Windows 7 computers trying to install the XP drivers, had to delete the XP drivers that caused a problem to get the Windows 7 computers to install the correct drivers.


            Note: I have not had time to go back and check the XP computers to see if they install the drivers correctly after taking them out. I hope the Windows 7 drivers will work on the XP computers