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    Clients not reporting Inventory Scans


      Hi All,



      Can anyone help resolving issue which facing, I have certain client machine not all

      which are not coming or sync with the Core server. We daily in morning pulled report and

      when I compared certain machine are daily mssing this are machine which able to ping and telnet

      on neccesary port.



      I have also check with share setting, but no use Please suggest me on same.





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          Hi Mahesh,


          Check the firewall settings of the machine , If its ON , turn off and try.


          Try to ping Core server  from issue facing   client machines  with Host Name  and FQDN.


          Also run full   inventory from client machines by adding /F /SYNC options


          Please share the results .



          Regards ,


          Joby George

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            Hi Jody,


            Thanks for reply.....


            Firewall is Turn OFF and I have ping the Core server from affect Client Machine with Hostname. I have tried with /F/SYNC option machine, for this machine come in All devices but same issue come up with client machine I do not find it in very  next  day report.


            Thanks for all support.