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    Barcode scanner


      Hi, can LDMS support barcode scanner information?

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          Might need more information on this.  Are you looking to see if you can enter data via a barcode reader or are you looking to be able to store barcodes. 






          A barcode reader is just a device that translate bar code back into it's ascii equivalent and that data that is available.






          Again more info would help



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            i am looking to see if LDMS can store barcodes. thanks

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              zman Master

              I don't think LDMS can interface natively with scanners, however, you may want to look a DTS from Managed Planet.

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                Landesk Asset Manager is planning full support for bar codes in the next release due out later this year.

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                  It seems that what you're asking for is  storage of barcode information, and yes, LANDesk can do that now, although it requires extra work


                  1. It's a number associated with a computer. You can

                    1. Ask the user to put the number into a custom data form

                    2. gather the number in some other way and insert it into your own inventory (I've seen this done in a lot of different ways, but DTS is one of them). In general, the type of method that will work depends on the type of reader in use. There are two kinds of barcode readers:

                      1. Peripheral readers: This are the cheap devices in use at retail stores -- it's a serial, USB, or keyboard device, and it needs software on the host computer... either a driver or a data munger. If the device is a realtime scanner, the software is a driver, and you must write some complicated code to read the number. If the device is a store-and-forward scanner (e.g., there's a docking station), the software is probably a simple CSV dumper with some useless UI, and you need to figure out how to parse its output.

                      2. Stand-alone devices: These are the bigger handhelds you'll see at a rental car agency -- it's a WinCE or Linux device with wireless ethernet capability, and it's able to insert data into databases on the fly. Client software on the device is called for, and things get complicated fast.

                  2. It's an important number, because it references all sort of financial information (and possibly state information, location information, &c). Wouldn't it be good to do useful things like reporting which devices are in a given room or about to go out of warranty? What Wintermute references is doing these kinds of useful things with barcode information.