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    Script to remove Adobe Reader XI using msiexec


      I have adobe reader version 11 installed on a machine on our network.


      The machine is running Windows 7 x64 Enterprise.


      The following command works from the local machine to remove Adobe reader 11:


      msiexec /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AB0000000001} /qn





      when placed into a LanDesk script:


      LOCEXEC02=msiexec /x {AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AB0000000001} /qn, SYNC


      It doesn't work at all and "OK"s that step completed even though it was not actually fulfilled client-side.



      Is there something I am missing?


      The rest of the script works fine and dandy for other versions of Adobe Reader as seen with the other product IDs.



      I attached the full script to this post.

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          zman Master

          The issue you are having is that you are using LOCEXEC in lieu of REMEXEC. See below. You want to use REMEXEC so it will run on the remote device in lieu of the CORE. Also I would suggest you don't use scripts and pursue batch files, much more flexible.


          ;  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

          ;  Commands:

          ;  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


          ;   REMCOPYx = localpath, remotepath, direction, options


          ;              localpath  = path to file on local system (required)

          ;              remotepath = path to file on remote system (optional), if missing

          ;                           set = to localpath.

          ;              direction  = TOREMOTE or FROMREMOTE, default if missing = TOREMOTE

          ;              options    = none defined at this time


          ;   REMEXECx = cmdline, options


          ;              cmdline    = cmd to execute, may include path and cmd line params

          ;              options    = SYNC = wait for program to exit (default, optional)

          ;              options    = ASYNC = exec w/o waiting for program to exit


          ;   REMDELx  = Path, options

          ;   REMMKDIRx= Path, options

          ;   REMRDx   = Path, options


          ;              Path       = path/filename for REMDEL, path/dirname for REMMKDIR & REMRD

          ;              options            = SYNC or ASYNC (default is SYNC, see above)


          ;   LOCEXECx = cmdline, options  (same as REMEXEC above, but runs on local machine)


          ;   LOCDELx  = Path, options

          ;   LOCMKDIRx= Path, options

          ;   LOCRDx   = Path, options     (same as REMDEL ... above, but runs on local machine)

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            Thanks. After making that change I was able to successfully execute the script and have it process the commands properly. Your swift response is appreciated. In the future batch files will be seriously considered for flexibility.

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              zman Master

              LOL - I just noticed that I'm in the service desk community. Hope David does not mind

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                this actually would be very helpful if in the SWD category. I just learned something- didn't know about "LOCEXEC" but I've just started messing around with scripts for simple things instead of always depending on sdclient.


                @Justin: have you experienced any problems with Adobe XI? I was going to create a new SWD package today but do not want to make it available for deployment if there are current known issues.

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                  Watch out for Adobe Reader XI. It's caused issues with our EMR system on our network. It integrates sharepoint and other features that has caused conflicts with how we import information into adobe reader. We've had large numbers of quircky errors since deployment, to answer your question.


                  It depends what your network uses reader for exactly. We've decided to stay away from XI for a good while until we can tweak the config and installer with batch commands to suit our needs.