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    Customising Mobile WebDesk Gadgets, Windows, Collections etc



      We want to customise the mobile webdesk.  However, there doesn't seem to be any documentation on how to do this?  I have read through the MobileWebDesk.pdf but it doesn't cover this. I feel like I am missing something obvious. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


      Q1 – Can you create a default dashboard/gadget for only the mobile webdesk? When you log into mobile webdesk you get the default dashboard displayed as gadgets.


      Q2 – (relates to Q1) Can you modify what columns and the order they are displayed in the Gadgets/Dashboard in mobile webdesk? If so how?


      Q3 – Do you know if you can set a smaller font that can be used in mobile webdesk?


      Q4 – Do you know the location of the LANDesk logo to be modified on the login screen of mobile webdesk?


      Q5 – Can you configure mobile webdesk to search by username? We are able to search by username in Webdesk because we have added the username to the Output attributes on the User System object?


      Q9 – Do you know if the background colour of mandatory fields in mobile webdesk should change to white if field has been filled in? At the moment they stay red/pink even with values.


      Q10 – Can you create a cut down Incident Window that can be used only in mobile webdesk? There doesn’t seem to be an option in the View Selection Rules for Mobile Webdesk.


      Q11 – Is there a way to change the columns that are displayed in collections (e.g. Assignments, Notes, Attachments)?