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    Calling Policy.Sync


      First off please forgive me, scripting really is not my bag.


      I want the ability to call policy.sync.exe from the core and am thinking the best way is to run it through a script, however I can't get the syntax right and it continually fails. I found what I figured was a built in script called Package Sync but it fails no m,atter what I do, it doesn't seem to copy ldrunner.exe to the client.


      Here's what's in the script



      ; Because the client directory is not the same for all versions of LDMS clients,
      ; we use the ldrunner application to look up the correct client folder, set the environment
      ; variable then launch the program. By default, ldrunner is copied to the root of the
      ; C drive, but this may be changed to any known location without impacting the
      ; functionality of the script.
      REMCOPY1=$DTMDIR%\landesk\files\ldrunner.exe, c:\ldrunner.exe

      ; Start the policy sync program; no need to wait for its completion
      REMEXEC2=c:\ldrunner.exe <qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\policy.sync.exe<qt/>, /ASYNC

      ; Remove the now unnecessary ldrunner application


      I then tried calling policy.sync.exe directly but no matter what I do it says it cannot find the file, I tried variables and also complete path with "" but it makes no difference.


      Guess I'm missing something