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    Process Approver Used for Rejections


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      We are setting up a Service Request Process and would like the approvals and rejections to be available via e-mail. The process approver seems the most likely way of doing this but upon looking through the documentation it would appear that this can only be used for Approvals, not for any other type of action. Is there any way this could be used for Rejections and Approvals (or indeed other actions for that matter) as this would be very useful. The approvers for our service request will not want to login to the Webdesk to approve these changes and it would be much easier if they could just click a link if this is available.


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          smiddleton Expert

          Its a while since I looked at process approver so I might be wrong but I thought it just provided a direct link which when clicked opened the record in the portal?


          However to achieve what you suggested could you not use the auto email functionality, have 1 mailbox for approvals and rejections.


          Then just embed 2 html mailto: links in the notification sent to the approver, you can have the Mailto links set the subject line values and email address so they can just click the link, and then type in the body of the message any details required.


          You will need to edit the process to include a decision based on the title line of the note object, the emails subject line would be something like Update: {Reference} Approved or Update: {Reference} Rejected the decision would look for the note to contain Approved or Rejected and route where ever you  want from that point.


          For the auto email function to process the email correctly the email address of the user has to exist in the system and it will also depend what value its looking for to decide it needs to perform the add note action.