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    Batch command cannot execute on distribution package


      Hi Support,


      I'm trying to deplot this batch command in dristribution package in LD9 SP3, it can run the command but it cannot run the backup process for USMT it go straight forward to the end process.


      Any suggestion on the command line? I have read and follow the basic batch command deployment in LD to make sure it align with Landesk dristribution package.  


      @Echo on

      set usmtpath=\\haapsdosvrfpr01\usmt$\usmt
      set migpath=\\haapsdosvrfpr01\usmt$\migrate
      set fullmigpath=%migpath%\%username%

      xcopy C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc %migpath%\%username%\%username%_hostxp\ /s /d /c

      if not exist %fullmigpath%\usmt3\usmt3.mig goto backup
      del %fullmigpath%\*.* /s /q
      del %fullmigpath%_sys\*.* /s /q
      goto path

      %usmtpath%\scanstate %fullmigpath%_sys /i:"%usmtpath%\MigIHGSys.xml" /uel:0 /localonly /c /ui:apac\%username% /l:"%migpath%\logs\%username%_sys_log.txt" /v:13
      if not errorlevel 0 goto bad_end
      %usmtpath%\scanstate %fullmigpath% /i:"%usmtpath%\Miguser.xml" /i:"%usmtpath%\MigIHGOutlook.xml" /uel:0 /localonly /c /l:"%migpath%\logs\%username%_log.txt" /ui:apac\%username% /v:13
      if not errorlevel 0 goto end


      @echo on
      echo User data migration has finished migrating data from this device.




      @echo on
      echo USMT failed in migrating user data.  DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT MIGRATING DATA!!



      Thank you,