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    Provisioning Template: HII Action Properties Disappear

    jpozucek Apprentice

      I am using a template to provisiona device and I am having issues only with the HII Action:


      When I add the Action item I set the Action Properties as in the image:




      If I apply, and close and then go into the HII Action item again the properties disappear as follows:




      and some drivers actually fail to load during the Provisioning task on the device.


      If I recheck the option and immediately schedule the task all drivers install correctly.  The strange part is that the HII Action does not really fail in the status, the drivers just don't install properly.


      I'm using 9.0 SP3.


      Anyone ever see this?



      -   Jim

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          five(9)s.GmbH.Support.Account Specialist

          Hi Jim,


          this is a known Bug in 9.0 SP3 when you are working with Provisioning Templates from a remote console.This has already been escalated to engineering, but still not fixed at the moment.

          The reason why drivers where not correctly installed is that your HTTP Share seems to be configured but not correctly for driver downloads. Some drivers (especially ones for graphic cards) are using .resources or .config files.

          By default the IIS is handling these file type as config files and won't allow to download these files. So during driver installation now these files are missing and the driver can't be installed correctly.


          In order to have a workarround until LANDesk will fix the issue, you need to configure the http share correctly


          1) go to your IIS Configuration (Windows Server 2008 R2)

          2) select your drivers virtual directory

          3) on the right side, select "request filtering"

          4) search for .resources file type extension (or whatever file is blocked), mark it and select remove from the right side action menu

          5) Select "Allow file Name Extension" from the right side action menu  and reenter the extension

          6) Restart your IIS

          7) Test the download manually e.g. from your IE browsing through the http share and try to download the file manually


          This should fix your issue.


          We hope LANDesk will fix the issue soon.


          Kind Regards,

          five(9)s GmbH


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            Hi all,


            I just want to report that this is fixed in 9.5 and is also on the list of fixes for SP4.  Also, this issue can also occur when working from the console directly on the core, although it is quite often seen on remote consoles.


            The problem is at the UI level, so the action should work correctly despite it not showing up.  If you had the Use UNC checkbox selected and the UI disappears and you hit save it will save it without the checkbox (the default setting).  Outside of that there is no impact to the execution.  Again, this is fixed in 9.5 and is also expected to be fixed in SP4.

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              SP4 is now available to resolve this issue.