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    What are the LANDesk Provisioning Enhancements in LDMS 9.5?




      Can you please let me know the enhancements made to LANDesk provisioning in LDMS 9.5? I am mainly looking for the below


      1. Ability to use "Policy" delivery method to deploy Provisioning templates

      2. Proper reporting for the template execution, is should give some meaningful information where it failed and why

      3. In many cases, the template will not resume after a machine reboot action, one has to re-run the task

      4. On a few machines, the template task will not start at all


      A sample template I was using at the time of our Windows server patching in July, 2012, with 9.0 SP3 is below.


      1. Install Windows 2008 R2 SP1

      2. Trigger post SP1 patches

      3. Reboot the server

      4. Install IE9 and post patches

      5. Reboot the server




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          Catalysttgj Expert

          From our understanding, what you experience with item 3 most likely is caused by a 10 minute delay that the provisioning software is doing because no one is logged on to the device. You can test this by simply logging in. The provisioning task ought to kick off shortly after this. The good news... they got rid of this delay in 9.5. Hope thats helpful.

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            Thanks much for the reply, Catalysttgj. I am aware of the 10 minutes delay when no user logged on to the server, but we observed that on many computers the next action wasn't triggered post reboot (forever). However, it's glad to hear that the 10 minutes delay is no more in 9.5 :-)


            Thank you once again for the response.




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              Catalysttgj Expert

              There is another issue that can cause this if you are trying to use the "vboot" option in your "reboot" provisioning task step that we have encountered with Windows 7 64bit specifically. It might exist for other OS's, but we have only tested Windows XP and Windows 7 64 bit. Under Windows XP it works fine, but when the device's initial host OS is Windows 7, we have seen that booting with the vboot option (not pxe server), the device will boot up fine but will not continue a provisioning task at all. We troubleshot this down to a problem with GetBootoptions20.exe. This utility is embedded in the WIM files, so if you want to run it manually to see what it does, you'll need to dig down in the folder that its buried while you're booted in the winPE environment. This utility is supposed to provide information to the boot environment, so that decisions can be made about behavior. Unfortunately, when one vboots a Windows 7 device, it isn't kicking back the proper return code, so the system doesn't go into a provisioning mode. It'll just sit there and NEVER do a provisioning task.


              One sure fire way to know that you're having a problem similar to this will be the absence of the text string at the end of the DOS command window "This is WinPE Provisioning".. If you don't ever see that, or some other message, like "This is PXE Menu"... There's other messages, I think, but if you don't see any message at the end of the DOS command window that's visible during the winPE boot process, then you know you have problems for sure. It should generally say something at the end. Its quick though, so watch closely. The DOS command window dimisses almost immediately after this last message.


              You might be experiencing something else, but beware of this issue. Its not that relevant to us, since we are not immediately planning to need to vboot windows 7. Our next project using provisioning will only involve upgrade windows xp to windows 7, which will not require this to be fixed yet, but we have relayed this problem to our TAM so that LANDesk can get this corrected. Someone out there is going to run into it eventually.


              Maybe this will be useful. Good luck!