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    Filters in WebDesk 7.5

    Darren.Bradshaw Expert



      We are currently looking into a new deployment of 7.5 and are wanting to use Web Access as the main way of accessing the system.  We are currently on 7.3 using console, we are merging 2 installations into 1 new install of 7.5.


      I am trying to apply a filter, which will only show the configuration items that belong to the customer group selected.  These will be services that the customer are getting from us (e.g. Hardware Support, DataRecovery, etc).  This works perfect in console but all I get in Web Desk is a full list of Config Items.


      I also have a second Config Item attribute on the form (called Assets) which is config items that belong to the raise user.  These are PC's, laptops etc.  This work both in Console and in Web Desk.



      Any ideas why it is not working or how I can get it to work?