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    LDMS95 Will not capture an image


      Anyone come across these issues?


      I the template builds ok, drives map but when it comes to capturing the image it fails every time.


      I am using imagex in the screens but I tried LANDesks imagew too with the same problem. In previous versions of LDMS you could specify a location to run Imagex etc but it seems in 95 you cant and I think this is where its falling down, the image capture tool isnt initialising. I did notice that the vboot partition isnt loading which is where the tools are located but in the past this has been normal and not required as you could move and specify the location. I also noticed that in the XML file a directory for imagex to run from locally (C:\ldprovision) is not created so I added that and a file copy action into the template but it still wont work..


      OSD capture and deploy seems to work without issue.


      Has anyone else come across this?