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    Blocking Applications for OU


      Newbie here, but I hopefully have a simple question.  We have several locations that require certain computers to have blocked applications (Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc).  These computers are separated in to unique OU's for easier management.


      Now I am really new to LANDesk (v8.8 btw), but is there a way to specify a list of applications to block for one OU, but then have a different list of applications to block for the remaining computers or a different OU?




      Example (attached picture)







      The "Labs - Internet Blocked" would have applications X, Y and Z blocked, but the "Desktops - Internet Blocked" would only have applications Y and Z blocked.




      Appreciate any help.

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          In scan and repair settings in 8.8 you can set to block applications in a group. you would need to add the applications you want to block to a group then assign that scan and repair settings to machines in the OU that you want to block them. Then have another scan and repair settings that the other computers use as the default scan and repair settings.


          you can have different scan and repair settings point at different groups and have different applications to block in the groups.









          You can use a change settings task to assign the scan and repair settings to the computers. drop-down button next to the update definitions has the ability to create a change settings task.

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