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    Patching OS 10.8 and App Store applications

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      A major discussion point that has come up for us is with the release of OS 10.8 and Apple's shift toward even system updates coming through via the App Store, we'd like to know how or whether LDMS is able to do patching at this point for OS 10.8 systems. We have a VPP campus account used as a master setup, but don't want to give our general faculty and staff this VPP password to download their system updates via the App Store, and we do not want to have to visit all the client machines themselves to perform these updates either.


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be most helpful!  Note:  We do expect to upgrade to LDMS 9.5 sometime in December.


      Thank you!

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          Beginning with LANDesk 9.0 SP3 we have the ability to integrate with an OS X patch server.  As such, you can download all of the content to the Apple software update server and point the clients to download the content from that server.  This process would work for any Apple released patch content.  3rd party application patching works differently.


          So, the workflow from an administrative point of view, would be as follows.

          1. Setup an Apple update server
          2. Download patch bits from Apple to the Apple update server
          3. Download the Apple OS X vulnerability content from LANDesk's patch content servers to the LANDesk core server
          4. Direct the LANDesk OS X agent to perform a vulnerability scan against the list of downloaded vulnerability content.  It will then send its vulnerability status to the LANDesk core server.
          5. LANDesk OS X admin directs reviews the vulnerability status of each patch/machine and decides what should be remediated on the client machine(s)
          6. LANDesk OS X admin schedules the repair of the desired vulnerabilities
          7. The client machine, when dicated by the LANDesk administrator, pulls down the OS X patch bits from the Apple update server for the selected vulnerabilities to be repaired
          8. Machine reports back its status as to the remediation process
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            Can you please tell me if there is any documentation on using this method for patching Macs, and also if version 9.5 has any provisions for this as well?