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    Windows 8 Support

    lewisd Apprentice

      Hi Folks


      After reading LANDesk's supported document product document below:




      I would like to know peoples views on their support for Windows 8.


      Before release I was told windows 8 would be supported from release date.


      This document reads like an Auditors Check sheet.


      Let's do the minimum possible to get a tick in the box, so we will support Windows 8 Enterprise, which I am guessing is going to be the least used.

      On our New product, and the least used product at this point in time.


      In my experience Windows (all versions) Pro, is the most used.

      And most people take at least six months to move up to the latest LANDesk product, so why no support for the current, which in our case is V9 SP3.


      I don't think there is any reference to Windows 8 RT.


      Any way, I just wanted to know if I am a loan voice in the LANDesk community?





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          I agree; I really hope there is a component update or Service Pack that adds Windows 8 support to LANDesk 9.0.


          While we do have plans to upgrade to 9.5, we will most likely not be migrating for another 6 months since we have a fairly large LANDesk 9.0 environment. 


          In the meantime, we're already starting to get a influx or Windows 8 PCs (we're a university...)

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            I won't be upgrading to 9.5 until at least January. I do have a Windows 8 Enterprise desktop I am testing with 9 SP3 but I have only checked a couple of things like inventory and remote control. I know one thing is the OS reports still as Windows 7 (6.1). Remote control seems to work but is very slow on the refresh of screens. I haven't tested patch management yet nor anything else.

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              Thsi is right at present only LDMS 9.5 support WIndows 8.


              LDMS 9.0 even with SP3 currently do not support Windows 8 note that this support will be probably on the next SP4 of LDMS 9.0 but no date has been annouce yet so it means it will definetly not before 4-5 months before Landesk will annouce an ETA date for SP4.


              Note that you may be able to get inventory and remote working but it will not be supported and the OS will not appear as WIndows 8 in the inventory.





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                lewisd Apprentice

                Just to add to my original thread:


                What I would like to see is support on new OS's in stages if necessary.


                1.     Inventory and Remote Control, as soon as the product is released. (Can't be that hard, surely)


                2.     Software Distribution


                3.     Patch Management


                4.     Provisioning

                5.     Console


                6.     Everything Else


                In the case of Windows 8, Pro have been first, Enterprise then RT.


                I do understand that everybodys needs are different, but I'm guessing our company is not that different to other companies, where we are not going to be rushing to install a new OS to hundreds of machines, but will need a small community of devices, even if it is only so developers can check their products. Which is why it is so important to have an inventory of the new devices and that PC support can control them.


                If you think I am well off the mark let me know.


                If you agree let me know and give the thread some likes.


                One of my favorite things about LANDesk is they do listen to their customers, but only if we tell them.