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    Specify an OU in Provisioning Template


      Hi All,

      I see in the provisioning template we have an action to "Join Domain" however; I am looking to put the workstations in a specific OU.  I have three different OU's that I work with and would be OK if I had to create three different templates.  I just need to be able to specify the OU.


      Is the option to specify an OU available?




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          EMiranda Expert

          I dont believe this can be done with the default action of "join domain" from the provisioning template. Couple other ways you could do this is to do the domain join in your sysprep and point to a specific OU and could have 3 different sysprep files.  Or you could use the domain utility netdom w/ a execute file command in the provisioning template and use netdom to do the domain join to a specific OU.