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    How to reset the ticket no?

    ChrisLeung Apprentice

      I would like to reset the incident/request no to 0 or to 2013000000 to indicate it is a new start in year 2013.  Does anyone know which table stores this piece of information?

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          smiddleton Expert

          Hi Chris,


          You will have to run a script against the database to perform this, make sure to have taken a restorable backup and run the script against a test database before running the below.


          I wouldn't suggest setting the incident number back to 0 unless you have cleared all incident data from the system. Setting to 0 with existing incidents may even end up in a sever corruption of your database.


          The script to run is DBCC CHECKIDENT ('im_incident', RESEED, xxxxxxx)

          Replace the xxxxxxx with the number you wish it to use.


          You can replace im_incident with whichever module your wanting to reset so for Change - cm_change for Problem - pr_problem.

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            ChrisLeung Apprentice

            Hi smiddleton,


            Thanks a lot.  It works perfectly.