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    Integration With LDMS

    oku Apprentice


      Hi Guys,



      Does anyone of u  have tried the integration between LDSD and LDMS,  so far i've tried the integration within the level of Importing the database for CMDB purpose, and Right  Clik menu options for Remote Control and File transfer. But i've noticed that the LDMS 88 comes with Process Manager that allowed u to have a change management for Patch deplyment in LDMS, and in process manager there is an option to integrate this with LDSD, but i dont know ho far does the integration between these two, does it allowes you to deploy a patch using LDSD or using Process Manager to deploy patch a there will be a ticket created and Updated in LDSD.












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          LegoGuy SupportEmployee

          The main way that Service Desk Integrates with LANDesk is that you can get the right click menu in your incident window.  So when you are looking at an incident you can right click and view the inventory of the computer for that incident.  You can also remote control it and there are several other functions. 

          As far as creating processes for deploying patches and software, this is all done from Process Manager.

          But both products are very configurable and you could certainly do some customization.  You should be able to get Process Manager to send out emails to open incidents.

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            There's a Process Manager PIM to use LDSD: It can add assignments, notes, and tasks to incidents, create incidents, close incidents, resolve incidents, and get incident info.

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              oku Apprentice

              Hi Legoguy,

              i'm aware of the integration of right click menu for CI inventory and remote future, but in LDMS 88 comes with basic Process Manager future which is said to be integrated with LDSD. Now, that what i would like to know is does this works, does it allow you to do the LDPM process using LDSD or simply doing LDPM process will be recorded in LDSD. In terms of email notification to generate Ticket is basically standard integration but for further update and closing ticket requires deeper integration level.




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                This is a pretty old post but thought I would reply.  LDPM integrates well. I have set it up with a New User process in LDSD that automatically creates an AD account and Exhchange Mailbox. 


                I have also played around with log a request in LDSD that then triggers an automate software install in LDPM.