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    Problems and Questions with 9.5


      I was running 9.0 sp3. We upgraded to 9.5 to support Windows 8. Now I have several problems and a few questions.


      1: the Landesk Mobility Portal is now broken. When I open the Landesk Portal it is unable to load the catalogs. I receive the message "Unable to read the library." Any ideas on how to fix this? Can I reinstall just the mobility portion and have it overwrite the problems perhaps?

      2: Landesk Antivirus pops up saying I need a new license key. Where do I get this?


      3: This is not so much releated to the upgrade but it still ties in: we recently changed ISPs. Out Gateway device had a Public IP and a private IP. With our new ISP I had to pass the Public connection through our firwall/router and use a nat translation. So now the Gateway device has an IP on the LAN whic is translated to a public IP from the ISP. Correct me if I am wrong but in the Managment suite under Configure -> management gateway I still put the new public IP int the "gateway public IP address" field because this is the info used by configbroker when makeing the broker.config file for the agents?


      4:Part 2 of the above question is do I have to now rebuild and recreate the agent executable and redistribute it to all the PCs in order for them to know the new IP of the Gateway or will it work using the Gateway public name still (ie. ldgateway.domain.com) since it was updated in or domain name provider's DNS records? Basically my question here is how to I update the agents with the new info or do I even have to.


      5: Does the 9.5 upgrade effect the ability of agents to see the Core?


      Any help on these questions is appreciated.

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          For the question 2. This is normal 9.5 used End point security version 8 of kapersky. You just need to log a case with LDMS support to get a license upgarde.


          Once you have that new lince file then just follow this steps:

          Steps to import LANDesk Antivirus License into LDMS 9.5 core server:


          1. Open Security Activity tool on core.
          2. Click the Settings drop-down (Gear icon) and select LANDesk Antivirus Action License Information.  (This is also accessible within the LANDesk Antivirus Action Center)
          3. Browse to the license file and click Import.





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            1. Did you make sure to load the Mobility patch that is on the 9.5 download page?


            3. Yes, the IP you enter needs to be the IP clients will be connecting to.


            4. When you change the gateway it changes information and hash of your certificate file. It is recommended that you update the agent.


            5. No. A 9.0 agent will still communicate with a 9.5 core.

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              Turns out the problem with the portal was permissions in IIS. The Launchpad.core site had Anonymous Authentication enabled. It should not be. However the IOS polices still don't show up. I did install the mobility update. Support thinks its a licensing issue. They get it to work on their lab but it doesn't work on my server.


              As to the laptops and the IP change I still don't know whats up. I updated the hash.0 file and the broker file but no luck. I tried this doc http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-11186. I keep getting this LDISCN32: Failed to resolve the Host Name. Error whenever I run the inventory scan.

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                No ideas how but when i went to log in today and work on it the IOS and andriod policy stuff was back. Perhaps reactivating the software worked and it took some time to show up. I really have no idea what changed.


                I am still having the issue with the remote laptops getting the LDISCN32: Failed to resolve the Host Name error when I run an inventory scan. I updated the hash.0 file and broker file and they look good. I can not figure out why this is not working.

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                  Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

                  Does your ldiscn32 connect to your server using netbios name or FQDN? Using FQDN server.domain.com usually doesn't work, whil using Netbios (eg. Server) works.