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    How to install driver ?



      is there any way how to force install a driver in HII imaging? I have a problem with Latitude E5430, all drivers are istalled from Driver repository except of one - USB 3.0 driver (shown as Unknown device). Of course, USB 3.0 driver is presented in folder withh all HeldamarII drivers. Thank you for advice.

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          The typical problem with USB 3.0 devices is that there is a new root hub driver that must be installed before the child devices are recognized. HII will only add drivers for the root hub because it cannot see the child devices yet. Add the drivers for the usb 3.0 root hub to your WinPE drivers. This allows the child devices to be visible within WinPE. When HII runs it will be able to see both the root hub and the attached child devices and will then inject drivers for both devices.