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    Database connections in SmartVue

    germanl Apprentice

      We have 5 core servers and one global rollup core server and the following questions have come up:

           1.  Should I configure the SmartVue database connections to point to the global rollup core or to each individual core server.

           2.  If I connect to the global rollup core will I get as much data as if I connected to my core servers?

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          1. Install SmartVue on one of your core servers, not on the rollup core.  Some of the data gathered in SmartVue results in the number of computers in your environment in a certain state.  For instance, the number of computers running a certain OS.  If you run this on the rollup and pull data from your individual cores, you will count each machine twice and your report in SmartVue will be incorrect.  This is true for all reports in SmartVue that use the computer_idn as part of their query.


          2. If you configure SmartVue to gather data from each of your core servers, you will get accurate data.  If you include the rollup core, you will get some accurate data, and some duplicate data.  If you manage machines directly from your rollup core (create distribution jobs, etc.), I would add your rollup core as a data source within the SmartVue Configuration dialog of the winconsole, but I would give it a different "data source", meaning I would not choose LANDesk Management Suite.  Instead, I would create my own data source.  I would then make a copy of all the SmartVue .xml files that contain SQL statements I wanted to gather from my rollup core, change the data source name in those .xml files, remove the <Definition> nodes that would cause duplication and leave all the <Definition> nodes that would result in data I wanted gathered from my rollup core.  This isn't a supported scenario, but it should be effective nonetheless.

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            rickorhino Apprentice

            Is there an installation guide for Smartvue?


            If I designate one core as being the primary can that be changed to another one later and the one that was primary to be changed as well?

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              All the docs are online.  Go to




              SmartVue uses the LDMS database on the point core (primary core).  It also installs two web services on the point core.  If you want to change point cores at some time in the future, if you can uninstall SmartVue from the original point core and install in on a different core.  The web services will be removed, but the data will remain in the database.  The data will not be transferred to the new point core, so you won't have all the history of the data that appears in SmartVue.  Once you've switched point cores, just add the original point core as a "source" of the new point core.


              SmartVue runs in two modes: pull and push.  If you stick to the pull model, switching point cores is fairly simple.  If you use the push model, you will have to modify the registry of the core that "pushes" data to the point core, since the point core it knows about is no longer valid.


              As far as the data in the original point core database, if I were you, I would link to the database together, turn off identity columns (deactivate the trigger in Oracle), insert all the data from the original SmartVue tables into the new point core's database and then reseed the identity columns.  That way, I would still have all the historical data in SmartVue.  At that point, you could drop the SmartVue tables from the original point core since you've preserved the data and the tables will no longer be used in the LDMS database.

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                rickorhino Apprentice

                We have 5 cores across the the world with no rollup. The main US core will be the point core but that will not be upgraded to 9.5 until late March. This week however we are upgrading the Mexico core with 500 devices to 9.5 and want to play with Smartvue on that one and it will be the only core that has Smartvue until we upgrade all to 9.5. Once they are all 9.5 we will make the main US core the point core and then we have to designate all the others (including Mexico) as sources. Basically the historical is not important while we are just testing smartvue on the Mexico core.