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    Is there a way to query a file with a specific hash key ?


      We have packged an application using another packaging utillity. This utillity redirects the application to a key server. We are trying to find which customers have these "Keyed" applications and schedule an uninstall. I was able to download an application that showed me the hash file values and I know they are different from the original and consistent across the board.


      I would like to Scan all the PC's for the executable file with the exact hash key for the keyed version. Is there anyway to accomplish this?

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          zman Master

          Best way would be to use a custom vulnerability to check for the correct has value http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-23054 Custom vuln doc http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-7549

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            Here is what we did 


            1: In LANDesk click Tools > Security & Compliance > Patch & Compliance



            2: Click on the Type drop down menu and select “Custom Definitions



            3: Click on the “Create Custom Definitions” ribbon



            4: In the ID field do NOT delete the numbers created, just add your description after

            5: In Title: add a description

            6: Set Severity to Not Applicable

            7: Set Status to Scan

            8: Set Vendor to Your Vendors Name

            9: Click on ADD in the bottom left to add a file or definition




            9: In the Rule Name, add the name for the rule


            10: Click on Affected Platforms and select the operating systems you want to search


            11: Under Files click Add

            12: In the Verify Using drop down menu select “File Size and/or Checksum”

            13: Under Path, add the full path to the files location

            14: Click Search for files recursively

            15: Under requirements from the drop down menu select File must NOT exist and click gather data

            16: In gather data select the file you want to search for

            17: When finished click the Update button



            Note: for more than one platform X86, and X64 you need to create separate rules because of the Program files directory structure.