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    Does LANDesk scan the registry for all it's Invetory information?




      Does LANDesk scan the registry for all it's Invetory information? I'm trying to find where it gets it's local printer info.



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          Hi, I'm afraid the simple answer is no, you have to use the ldappl3 file to leverage the registry information you want to gather.


          You need to make the cahnges in the ldappl3.template file and then make available to clients by going into Monitoring & Reporting and selecting Manage Software list, on the menu bar there is a button to Make Available to Clients




          Here's a snap of the default registry info from our new 9.5 core for information, all you'll do is populate the registry information you want to gather into the template file, once you make available to clients the next time an inventory scan is initiated the new ldappl3 files are downloaded to the client and it uses these to process the scan.


          [Registry Info]

          KEY=HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters, SearchList, Custom Data - Network - DNSSearchOrder

          KEY=HKLM, SOFTWARE\Novell\NWGINA\Login Screen, DefaultNDSTree, Custom Data - Novell – NovellTree

          KEY=HKLM, SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager, PendingFileRenameOperations, Custom Data - Security Scan - Pending File Rename

          KEY=HKLM, system\setup, oemduplicatorstring, Custom Data - Image - Image Version

          KEY=HKLM, system\setup, clonetag, Custom Data - Image - Image Time Stamp

          KEY=HKLM, Software\Microsoft\DataAccess, FullInstallVer, Custom Data - MDAC - Version

          KEY=HKLM, Software\Microsoft\Internet Explore, Version, Custom Data - Internet Explorer - Version

          KEY=HKLM, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, LANDeskScan, Custom Data - LANDesk - Inventory Scan Command

          KEY=HKCU, Software\Microsoft\DirectX, InstalledVersion, Custom Data - DirectX - Version

          KEY=HKLM, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\NetCache, Enabled, Custom Data - Windows - Offline Files Status

          KEY=HKLM, Software\landesk\Managementsuite\WinClient\vulscan, DeferredTasks, Custom Data - LANDesk - Deferred Repair Task


          Here's a guide on adding registry information




          And here's a useful piece of LANDesk information for you regarding the files downloaded to the client machine




          Hope this helps