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    /landesk/files/tokrepl.exe : authorisation required, use –p indent:password






      Does anyone know how to fix this problem?  I'm trying to set up our OSD, so it uses a server at a different site, but it hangs at this point every time.



      /landesk/files/tokrepl.exe : authorisation required, use -p indent:password



      We're still using DOS and are currently on 8.7.  I have included part of my script below.  It works if I don't alter the http://%custjobhostip/ entry, but it still seems to use files based here, rather than pulling them from the other server.



      REMEXEC22=r:\net\htget -o r:\dos\tokrepl.exe http://172.xxx.xxx.xxx/landesk/files/tokrepl.exe, STATUS

      REMEXEC23=r:\net\htget -o r:\dos\fworkcl.exe http://172.xxx.xxx.xxx/landesk/files/fworkcl.exe, STATUS

      REMEXEC24=r:\net\htget -o r:\dos\pworkcl.exe http://172.xxx.xxx.xxx/landesk/files/pworkcl.exe, STATUS

      REMEXEC25=r:\net\htget -o r:\dos\prtition.exe http://172.xxx.xxx.xxx/landesk/files/prtition.exe, STATUS



      Any help would be appreciated!