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    Collection on Process Management


      Hello All


      I have a feeling this is not possible, however though I might ask the masses.  I would like to create a collection on Process Management with an action (Add Time Spent) so that its available across all incident, problem, changes and requests.  Has anyone been able to achieve this?


      The solution is to provide the analyst to book time against a IPCR and then for a report to be created via crystal (As you cant calculate totals in a Query Report) which will be automatically emailed to the analyst to assist timesheet completion.


      Any thoughts appreciated.





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          Chris_W Expert

          I've recently logged this with support as I reckon it's a bug (exact same scenario).


          In object designer, new object "Working Time" created in Process Management. Collection created, added action called "record time" to collection. Action not available in process designer on changes and incidents.....boo



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            I'm sure I created a ER for this agaes ago, but I'm blowed if I can find it...  Anyway I expect that support will tell you that you cannot have global actions.  Shame really as it would be very handy.


            You can total up numbers in a query using the aggregate feature, but you could also have a before save calculation which rolls up the total across all items in a collection for each individual incident and then use a query to display these various totals.  There are examples of this in the LDSDDesigner.PDF manual.


            I've used this method to also have a cost per analyst with different rates per analyst to give a cost per process calculation.

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              smiddleton Expert

              Maybe I'm misunderstanding here, if you create your new object under Process Management setting Is Tope Level? to true


              Then link the modules you want to use it from to your new collection answering yes to the prompt.


              You can then create the action within each module, in testing i was able to give it the same action name under incident problem and change by creating the 3 actions at once before hitting save.


              This way it wouldn't be an inherited global collection from process as such but would be using a single object to store all the values entered, meaning that you should be able to generate a report from 1 object rather than across each module.


              Seems to me to fit in with the way the product is designed.


              Please bear in mind this was a very quick test in dev so haven't fully tested this.

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                Not seeing the option of isTopLevel (is that not a category)??


                I forgot to mention that I am on 7.4 so may not be available.

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                  smiddleton Expert

                  strange as i tried this on 7.3.2 so unless that has been removed?


                  please see below image of the object I created which shows the Is Top Level? object property.


                  global object.JPG

                  To be honest im not sure if setting this property is needed or not, I see no reason you can link the object as a collection to the modules without it as I have some collections under system which have been linked in a similar way.

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                    Stu McNeill Employee

                    HI all,


                    Just to clarify the "Is Top Level?" property is not really relevant to this (or any other!) type of design so it was removed from Object Designer a couple of versions ago.


                    The soluiton we've come up with for Chris on this was to use a single object and create collections of it on multiple modules.

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                      smiddleton Expert

                      That explains why I can see it but Mpatel1 can't.


                      So essentially the solution is what I suggested just the Is Top Level? property confused matters.


                      So you end up with a global object but multiple instances of the same action as there is a collection on each module.

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                        Thats great, however the challenge I now have is to present the dat in a meaningful way.. Analyst spent X time on Incident this month for Service Y.... Not so simple as Service Y is relate to Process which is not related TimeSpent.... Although Time Spent is related to Incident which can be related to Process and then related to Service Y...


                        I think I need a coffee...!