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    my window is hiding:  Status of Requested Actions


      I am running LDMS 9.0 SP3 and have the management console installed on several computers.  On two of them I can't see or access the STATUS OF REQUESTED ACTIONS window.  I run two displays on each of the affected machines.  The window pops up in the task bar but it isn't visible on either of the two displays that I have connected.  Going to a single display doesn't help.


      I've been able to recover these lost windows using a key combination of ALT+SPACE, then M, then an arrow key before taking over window movement with the mouse.  When I do get the window in view it is so small that it can't be called a window and I have to resize it to actually see what is in it.  This just keeps happening and I'm wondering if there is a solution for it?



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          jtrently Apprentice

          Aspen Skier,


          I have seen this as well, and sometimes the move command isn't an option.  Sometimes you need to hit esc - key to clear the window and continue.  If you use a remote console, be sure to keep your windows in view or when you use the cores console, the window will be out of view.


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            mrspike SSMMVPGroup



            I use the "move" trick as you do, once it is in view, right click on the tray icon for the window, choose Maximize.  Now, click on the icon at the very top left corner, you will get a drop down, HOLD the Control key and click Close


            Now, cause that window to open again, it should be maximized, now click on the middle top right icon that allows you to set the window size, set the window size, and repeat the Control Key - Key method..


            You should now be good to go.


            If all of this fails you can try getting things set the way you want and save the layout in the LANDesk Console