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    P&C out of sync due to availability at all statuses


      We have Parent and Child setup which can be performed at almost all of our statuses in one of our processes as requested by our management, but this can sometimes cause issues especially as most of the parent actions are propagated down to children. The issue I currently have is if an existing incident is sitting at With 3rd Party (with the clock stopped) and I attach another existing incident (but at Open status to it) then the two calls are already out of sync and the child is likely to breach SLA due to the clock still running. I have thought of several possibilities worth exploring of how to get around this (some of which would severly over complcated my process), even a manual checking procedure, but wondered if anyone else had come across this scenario and attempted to or succeeded in fixing this. Answers on a postcard.


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          dmshimself ITSMMVPGroup

          Parent/Child doesn't do any sort of synching in itself.  OK if you add a note to the parent it can push that down to any child, but that isn't synching (in my definition only!).  So that are you trying to achieve?  If the requirement is something like - when I add any child process all updates to the parent of any type are always applied to the child, then that is going to be tough!  A child that has been legitimately resolved (because it has a life of its own), will not respond well when the parent is resolved.  If you assign the parent, do you really want to try and assign al lthe child processes as well?


          For me Parent/Child should be used in specific circumstances that everyone understands, rather than too generally.  I know that doesn't exactly help you (sorry), but I think reflects what the core functionality does.  It's a way of linking processes at an arbitrary state together and that loose relationship can be used in lots of ways that need to be agreed by training or process design.

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            Thanks Dave, I guess what I'm really trying to get at is a way of making sure that both the parent and the child are forced to be at the same status as each other before the relationship can take place, that way the options available at that point and from there on will always be aligned. Our child process is identical to our parent process with the only differences being propagate to child settings and the ability to create child incicents (thus preventing grandchildren)


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