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    Custom script to export a query


      I'm unfamiliar with creating custom scripts, so if there's a guide somewhere I'd like to start there.


      What I'm trying to do is export a query on a scheduled basis.  If I can export it as a .csv that will do half of the work, if i can get it to convert that .csv to a simple .txt file and move it to a different server that would be even better.

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          Catalysttgj Expert

          You'll want to look under the reports section in the console. In there you can create a report, pick a query as its source, save the report, then you can create a schedule for that report. The schedule can export the report as a .csv as well as a number of other formats. It can even email the reports to specific email addresses as well with some extra configuration efforts. You'll have to have an smtp email method for it. Not sure about it making a .txt file and moving it to another server. Those steps might have to be accomplished outside of the landesk tool itself. You could esaily figure that out with a task schedule though most likely.


          Hope that's useful. Been a while since you posted this, so you may have already figured it out.




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            Jed Employee

            I would use SQL, your queries are found the the QUERY table.