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    Display Service Desk information in external web app


      Our university is currently developing a new student portal to replace our existing one and I've been asked if it's possible to display some user specific information from Service Desk in a widget in our new portal (Current open calls for the logged on user) and then when clicking on the widget in our portal this would take you directly into Web Access (without further prompting for authentication).


      As far as I know we are going to be using Shibboleth as the authentication model for the new portal. We currently use integrated logon for Web Access/Web Desk.


      Does anyone have any experience of:


      a) Displaying user specific information outside of the product

      b) Passing through/using Shibboleth credentials to Web Access




      c) Is it even possible??





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          If you were looking for a formal answer I'd raise this with you local support team and get them to ask the LANDesk SI team to give you a quote.


          You can certainly use mashups in 7.4 onwards to display, log and update processes via an external application.  You may have some difficulty in getting the documentation that tells you how to actually do this, but persevere as mashups are an advertised feature of LANDesk.


          There is also an API set (commercially quite expensive from memory) which would allow you to do this - you'd need to invest in some LANDesk training though.