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    connection string to mirrored database

    Mariusz.Maniak Expert

      Hello again


      I'm trying to set up HA Landesk enviroment, and facing problem with connection string to mirrored database. DB servers are DB1, DB2, database is LDSD_OOTB_ENU, database user is user, and password is pass, so my connection string is:


      Data Source=DB1;Failover Partner=DB2;Initial Catalog=LDSD_OOTB_ENU;uid=user;pwd=pass


      When creating framework in Configuration Centre I'm using this connection string to test connection to database, and test is successfully on booth DB servers (after first test I'm moving database to second server)

      Framework created successfully with connection string checkbox checked, but when trying to edit framework - configuration is different. Now I can connect to database server defined, second one fails. (see image - database on server DB2, test to DB1 fails)


      How to make connection string premanent? Is somewhere configuration file to enter connection string?

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          I'd raise that as s support call with your local provider as I don't think LDSD supports that type of setup.  Normally you'd connect to a single cluster and let the SQL cluster take care of any switching between particular servers.

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            I had a similar situation when I upgraded to 7.5 - we have a mirrrored database with automatic failover, the only apparent difference to you being that we use integrated authentication.  I also found, like you, that when I set it up (by checking the "Specify as connection string" box) it would then revert back and lose the failover partner settings.


            Now, I can't be 100% sure (it was a little while ago), but I think that if I set up the connection string and then didn't go back into it afterwards to edit, I think that worked for me. 


            LANDesk is functioning successfully for me regardless of which database server is the principal.






            P.S. - I know I had problems initially on v7.4 when I set it up mirroring with failover with SQL authentication, as the SQL account that I was connecting with existed on one server, which wasn't the same account on the mirrored server.

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              Mariusz.Maniak Expert

              I thought that Landesk is supporting any kind of HA database as long it is MS SQL or Oracle

              In manual is example of big enviroment where DB is mirrored on two MS failover clusters, so mine is even simpler

              Paul - I'll try your solution, maybe will work on 7.5.

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                I'd recommend you discuss this with your support team, just to make sure the best practise approach is being used.

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                  Mariusz.Maniak Expert

                  I've tested system, and summary is:

                  - I can enter connection string directly to config file http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-3685 (Thanks support for that link)

                  - as long as "ok" button is not clicked in control centre - string remains unchanged, and value entered first time with connection string checkbox checked is still there - as suggested by Paul

                  - ServiceDesk on mirrored database with SQL authentication works ok, but you have to create login on mirror server with same SID as is on principal.

                  - LANDesk support is checking why connection string disappears from configuration center window.